В Хуниверсе есть ВСЕ.

Только что видела фик Восьмой/Иа-Иа!Восьмой/Тигра!Восьмой

Восхитилась траве, пошла смотреть комменты...

«Well, in one of the audio dramas ("Caerdroia", or something), Eight gets split into three versions of himself. One of them is, I think, just pretty much himself, another is kind of sensible and grouchy, and another is kind of his bouncy, puppyish, no-attention-span side. So at some point in the audio, someone (maybe Charlie?) compares the latter two to Eeyore and Tigger, respectively, from Winnie the Pooh.»

... и это оказался тоже канон! %)