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"In the non-canon webcast "Scream of the Shalka", the Master has had his consciousness transferred into an android that was (probably) created by the Doctor to save his life. They are now living together semi-peacefully on the TARDIS. Complete with marital bitching and a rather suggestive outgoing message on their answering machine.
Doctor (on recording): *giggle* — You have reached the good ship TARDIS. *giggle* We're rather — *giggle* — busy at the moment, *giggle* *giggle* so leave a message after the beep and we'll try to get back to you before you called. *giggle* — Stop that! *giggle* *giggle*
Master: We really should change that message. "

ОМГ))) Какая прелесть))
Причем, насколько я поняла, сценарист Шалки подтвердил весь фанон на эту тему:"Oh, they were at it, definitely!"

2010-05-31 в 04:14 

пренебречь, вальсируем
Поздравляю с открытием, я на этот сайт часто ухожу и с трудом возвращаюсь :)
Очень люблю статью про woobies, за примеры...


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